Men's coach David Luck reveals the dirty little secret to getting a body and brain that match your bank account in just 7 days.

What Others Have Said About this Course

You’re a successful business man but the same can’t be said for home life. In fact it’s tough right now; you’re tired, stressed and snappy. The wife nags and the kids, well you barely see them.

It’s not your fault.

Men today have higher stressors than ever before and there is a way to combat this and come back fighting.

My Hybrid Human Project does exactly that and this is your first step into the programme for 7 days.


I needed to lose weight, I’d put my job as a Managing Director above my own health. I would go for runs but I never really had a plan or routine. After just a few weeks with David I felt so much better about myself and healthier, I’d lost weight and set goals. David is a master of his art and goes above and beyond for his clients…providing they put the work in. Shirkers need not apply!


As a Lead Consultant, my work is high pressure and I have a wife and kids at home. I was constantly firefighting in my own life and it became self-destructive with depressive inaction. Now I’m much more goal-focused and positive. Working with David I got back to action, and increased my self-esteem and confidence in the process. My activity levels are vastly up and my general health is better.


Being married with 9 kids, there isn’t a lot of time to spare. I wanted to work with David to sort my head out and get control of my nutrition and weight. When I signed up I felt depressed, fat and worthless. David helped with my mindset and not only am I losing weight but I feel bloody brilliant!

You’ll feel confident, stronger & more powerful in these 7 days

Over the next 7 days I’ll guide you step by step in the right direction for the results you want with David Luck’s custom designed blueprint.

You’ll feel confident, stronger and more powerful in these 7 days than you probably have in the last 7 years.

It starts with your free transformation call and leads into a programme designed for overwhelmed men who are time poor and stressed.